Thursday, March 5, 2009

Here is where you type into google your first name then the word "needs" and you get your fortune told. Let's see what we have for today, shall we?

1. Heather needs 2 therapists....(That hasn't worked out so well so far.)
2. Heather needs something to be more satisfied....(No truer statement. Maybe a Snickers?)
3. Heather needs a childhood....(That could send us back to number 1.)
4. Heather needs to be herself....(Pretty much doing that.)
5. Heather needs help....(Need more specification-is that a word?)
6. Heather needs men....(Indeedy but doesn't mean I'm needy!)
7. Heather needs Facebook....(I SWEAR I did not make that one up).
8. Heather needs sex help....(Intersting. Maybe some folks from number 6 could shed some light on this one. )
9. Heather needs some body guards....(There have been times when at least "a handler" has proved useful.)
10. Heather needs a bigger cup....(Yeah she does or did.)

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