Sunday, March 1, 2009

BK 2.0

Look at this thing! You just know its going to be a problem. That lovely gooeyness can't help but stick to our favorite utensil...The Butter Knife. And you KNOW you want to LICK IT when it does. But guess what, my previous post helped prevent public humiliation. That's right. Butter Knives: What Not to do with Them (AKA: BK 1.0) has served the greater good.

Shamus Mc. had this to say about BK 1.0: I was recently out to dinner with my mom and my new love interest, Rhys. We ordered Baked Goat Cheese as an appetizer. I LOVE BAKED GOAT CHEESE. To the point of obsession. Like, I really love it. A. Lot. (Jeez, we get the point already. You love goat cheese. Baked.) I cut into the goat cheese and as I pulled out the butter knife, so much of the goat cheese was stuck to the blade. I looked at it in utter lust. I wanted to lick that knife so bad I could taste it, but I read your damn post. I just couldn't do it. I couldn't. I knew it was wrong. I knew it was wrong like moral wrongs are ingrained in you as a young child. And you know what happened: RHYS LICKED IT! And we broke up after dinner.

True Story.

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