Saturday, April 25, 2009

Imitation Crab Meat is the Hot Dog of Seafood

It's totally true. Don't deny that you have eaten it, either. If you have ever eaten sushi from the grocery store, you have eaten it. It you have ever eaten Senational Seafood Salad (sidebar: name couldn't be more fitting because it is truly sensational), then you have eaten it. If you have ever eaten anything where one of the ingredients was listed as "crab stick", then you have eaten it. You don't have to be afraid to admit that you like it. Just like hotdogs. Who doesn't like hotdogs? I mean seriously. You might be morally and ethically opposed to hotdogs claiming that you will not eat them solely based on principal, but you love them. And just as hotdogs are made up of everything from the rooter to the tooter; all the pieces and parts and part and pieces that have no other use; so is the imitation crab meat. Read the label. Here are some of the ingredients. Monk Fish. Really? Monk Fish is commonly known as "the poor man's lobster". Whatev. Pollock. Not like Jackson. Sometimes called Alaskan Cod. Fancy. And any other kind of mild white fish that cannot stand on its own merit. Interesting (or not).
You may wonder why I am blogging about this and why it may or may not be an LOL in my life. I can't answer that other than it was a slow week and I thought it an amazing discovery when I realized that imitation crab is the hot dog of seafood. I don't know. I just never heard anybody make that reference before.
True story.

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  1. You have failed to mention its actually spelled...KRAB(a tell-tale give-away...eww, 2 hyphens in one parenthesis)
    I'm just sayin