Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Another Amazing Discovery aka Similarities Between God and Santa

Everyday I think about God. In fact, He and I chat at great length, daily. One night I was visualizing what I think my God "looks like". I envision him to be an older man with a beard. He doesn't wear flowing robes but something like loose fitting linen clothes that would billow in a summer breeze. I often think of Him, standing or sitting on a vast porch looking out over the plain and thinking to Himself, about me of course, "She'll be back." This is when I may be in less frequent contact with Him. Then I thought, He might be something like Santa in the off season. Just hanging out, relaxing and keeping an eye on things, so to speak. Then I thought about that a little more and started to realize all of the similarities between God and Santa. Here are some of them.
1. In most traditional portrayals, they both have a beard.
2. They both know when you are good and/or bad.
3. They are both very forgiving as long as you recognize your mistakes.
4. They both give gifts.
5. Jesus's Birthday = Big Day
6. They both have a lot of helpers.
7. As a Christian child, you are taught to believe in both.
8. As you age your belief in both may wain or go away altogether.
9. As you age even more, your belief probably comes back, even if only for a moment.
10. If you really believe in both, they will deliver.
Its not too crazy, is it. God. Santa. Just something to think about.

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