Saturday, February 14, 2009

AKA Valentine's Day 2K9

I felt a compelling need to post today because it is Valentine's Day but couldn't really think of anything worthy of posting. I thought I might find some insperation in a title. Just as I couldn't decide on a Valentine, I was having difficulty deciding on a title, too. So, I thought I would just share all of the titles that I came up with. Some are borrowed and others are original. Some are funny (you and I will think) and some are lame (you will think). They all end in "AKA Valentine's Day 2K9." In any event, I hope your Valentine, if you have one, was the someone special you hoped they would be. And if no one told you they loved you today, I love you. xoxo

*Please Be More Positive With Your Feedback.
*(Unrequited) Love Stinks.
*Nerds Aspire To Be Me.
*Apparently, Someone Was Not Heard By Their Loved Ones This Morning.
*If No One Told You I love You Today, I Love You.
*I'm Not Bitter And I Am Not A Liar. Both Are Untrue.
*If I Get Up Early Enough Tomorrow, I Wonder How Many Strides Of Pride I Will See?
*If SHE Has A Date, Why Don't I? Oh Yea, Because I am Using The "I Chose To Be Alone" Excuse.
*Celebrating MILFs All Over The World.
*For A Little While, I Was Falling In Love.
*It's A Great Night To Sit Alone In Starbucks And Work On This Dumbass Blog.
*If There Is A God, Then Why Is My Arse The Perfect Height For Kicking?
*Seriously, Dan? Seriously?
*If All The Good Ones Are Taken, And I Am Not Taken, What Does That Say?
*Happy Birthday, Megan!
*According To Craig's List, I Am Still Not Missing Any Connections.
*Quit Staring At Me. You're Alone Too.
*Jerkface 2K9
*I Might Be Alone, But You Just Walked By With 30 LBS Of Cat Litter. 'Nuff Said.

**I Can't Help But Smile Today.....True Story


  1. Happy Valentine's Day, Heather Way!

  2. That Craig and his List. Always fuckin' up our self esteem!